Network optimization: BT's solution for end-user performance hurdles -- and other network news brief

Short takes from this week's network news

Short takes from this week's network news

BT prioritises application traffic flow across Wans

BT is offering a service to dynamically prioritise application traffic across the Wan, based on defined end-user performance requirements. The service uses a network optimisation system from Ipanema Technologies.

Content system to cope with 10 Gigabit networks

CloudShield has developed a scalable, multifunction, content processing system that lets carriers inspect, analyse and control network content - including voice, video and data - at 10 Gigabit Ethernet rates. 10 Gigabit Ethernet networks provide broadband connectivity, but carriers may need to upgrade security infrastructure to cope with the speeds.

Foundry introduces next-generation voice over IP

Foundry Networks is selling its third generation of chassis switches built for voice over IP and wireless traffic. The VoIP-ready FastIron SX 800 and FastIron SX 1600 8- and 16-slot switches use Power over Ethernet technology.

Firewall to fend off denial of service attacks

Researchers in Germany are developing a firewall to prevent distributed denial of service attacks. The Diadem uses data filtering and intrusion prevention technologies and co-ordinates an automatic reaction.

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