Unisys claims virtualised IT infrastructure revolution

Unisys is describing its latest server architecture as revolutionary.

Unisys is describing its latest server architecture as revolutionary.

The company says it is the first architecture to enable four operating environments - Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unisys OS2200 and MCP - to run simultaneously on the same system in a single virtualised partition.

Unisys says that integrated virtualisation and management capabilities will enable sharing of application workloads dynamically based on customer-defined business rules.

Using Intel Xeon and Itanium processor technologies and capitalising on its partnership with NEC, Unisys expects the new architecture to outpace the industry in server processing power through Unisys-developed virtualisation and management software.

Leo Daiuto, president, systems and technology, Unisys, says, "[This next-generation architecture] affords Unisys customers a quantum leap in enterprise computing power and economy to overcome their most critical IT challenges: increasing server asset utilisation, lowering management costs and dynamically allocating computing resources to meet business needs that change in real time."

Unisys expects that the next-generation architecture will serve as the basis for all Unisys enterprise servers, including the ClearPath family. The architecture is designed to eliminate the need for custom CMOS processors, as the company says that the new servers meet and exceed the processing power of CMOS-based systems, while providing full compatibility and investment protection for ClearPath customers' existing applications.

Unisys expects to begin delivering systems based on the new architecture in late 2007.

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