Suspended NHS IT boss resigns

David Kwo has resigned from his post as regional implementation director for the NHS Connecting for Health London cluster.

David Kwo has resigned from his post as regional implementation director for the NHS Connecting for Health London cluster. 

Earlier this month, Kwo was suspended from duty while allegations against him were investigated. A Connecting for Health spokesman said, “Kwo’s resignation letter does not make mention of his recent suspension from duty.

“This suspension was enacted to enable proper investigations into a serious allegation regarding David. Suspension is not a judgement but a precautionary measure to ensure that an appropriate and fair investigation can take place. The investigation will continue until a conclusion is reached regarding the allegation.”

In the interim, Martyn Forrest, regional implementation director for the North East cluster, will be acting regional implementation director for London. The recruitment for a replacement had started, the spokesman said. 

Connecting for Health refused to comment further on the nature of the allegations or how long the investigation was expected to take. Interested parties including hospital IT staff and Capital Care Alliance, the BT-led consortium for the London implementation of the programme, will be concerned how Forrest can take on the additional workload in an already demanding roll-out programme. 

Kwo's action further exacerbates the staffing problems at the top of the vast NHS IT project, which has now lost to resignation its third senior official responsible for the delivery of modernisation in just over a year.

Last April, Peter Hutton resigned his position as chairman of the National Clinical Advisory Board, the key body for ensuring clinician involvement in the development of the NHS IT project.

Then in September last year Aidan Halligan, deputy chief medical officer and joint senior responsible officer of the national programme for IT, as Connecting for Health was then known, said he was leaving to take up the top post in the Irish health service. Like Hutton, he was responsible for engaging with clinicians.

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