Top Layer intrusion prevention mitigates against cyber attacks

Top Layer Networks has launched a new solution to give businesses superior protection against cyber threats

Top Layer Networks has launched a new solution to give businesses superior protection against cyber threats.

The Top Layer Attack Mitigator IPS 5500-50 will allow service providers to offer protection to their customers at what the company said will be an economical price point. This should enabe customers to secure their entire network, from individual departments to partner portals.

Attack Mitigator is targeted both at managed service providers (MSPs) and corporates, and is designed for companies with networks or network segments operating at up to 100 Mbps. It uses the same hardware and features as the company’s existing 8 Gbit solution, enabling MSPs to offer their customers the same types of protection more commonly afforded to larger organisations.

Attack Mitigator offers network- and application-level protection against a wide range of cyber threats, including undesired access, malicious content (including viruses, worms and Trojans) and rate-based attacks such as DoS, DDoS or other flood attacks. The solution protects against attacks in real-time, with minimal interruption of legitimate traffic.

Jeff Wilson, principal analyst at Infonetics Research, said, “Small service providers and small/medium businesses encounter serious and disruptive network security breaches on a daily basis, but have had few choices for advanced network security products. Products like this address this growing need by offering enterprise-grade security at a cost that is attractive for a smaller organisation.”

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