Royal Mail opens up eBay for retailers

Royal Mail and Marketworks have formed a partnership to develop a one-stop-shop product for UK retailers and home shopping...

Royal Mail and Marketworks have formed a partnership to develop a one-stop-shop product for UK retailers and home shopping companies which want to tap into the eBay revolution.


The product is designed to enable retailers to use eBay as an additional channel to complement existing sales activities and is anticipated to prove particularly useful for trading overstock, end-of-life, refurbished items or unwanted returns.


It offers a simple route to manage all aspects of an eBay operation, from storefront design, item listing, order management and online marketing activities through to product warehousing and goods fulfilment.


Marketworks is already eBay’s largest certified solution provider, assisting in fulfiling more than one million transactions monthly. Through the Royal Mail partnership, the company hopes to expand its customer base into larger retailers, thanks to Royal Mail’s warehousing and fulfilment expertise.


Azita Qadri, who is responsible for helping eBay’s biggest sellers, many of which are SMEs, said, “ really is the best place for [SMEs] to get a ready-made web presence that will attract footfall from regular eBay users searching for their items.


"eBay is already enabling businesses to reach new audiences and sell of surplus stock. The Marketworks and Royal Mail partnership will be a helpful resource tool for these businesses.”


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