PeopleSoft and SAP offer new manufacturing products

Business applications makers PeopleSoft and SAP have unveiled new technologies to further consolidate their respective positions...

Business applications makers PeopleSoft and SAP have unveiled new technologies to further consolidate their respective positions in the manufacturing market. 

PeopleSoft announced that it is pushing out new collaboration and flow-manufacturing tools as part of its EnterpriseOne 8.11 launch. EnterpriseOne software comprises the former JD Edwards  portfolio PeopleSoft acquired a year ago. 

Included is a sales and operations planning application that ties together financial and transactional data and allows relevant sales, manufacturing, engineering and other personnel to more easily collaborate. 

PeopleSoft has also embedded tools to help customers support industry best practices using key performance indicators. Ultimately, customers will be able to more quickly respond to market changes, plan new scenarios as needed and better anticipate customer demand, PeopleSoft said. 

Among the supplier's other announcements was a flow-manufacturing application to help companies build a product at any given time while maximising the use of plant resources without overstocking on inventory. 

Also coming is a radio frequency identification (RFID) tag tool that can follow any piece of inventory, whether it is in a warehouse, in transit or at the manufacturing plant. 

PeopleSoft has added support for manufacturing-specific sales and service processes in its EnterpriseOne CRM application as well. 

SAP also annouced plans to embed capabilities into its SAP ERP application to enable end users, using optimised dashboard interfaces, to get improved visibility into relevant data and more easily permit lean manufacturing processes and track and trace operations and Six Sigma software quality processes.

Marc L Songini writes for Computerworld

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