Outsourcing deals fail to support the business plan

Nearly 40% of IT departments have an outsourcing policy that is out of synch with the strategy of the business they are...

Nearly 40% of IT departments have an outsourcing policy that is out of synch with the strategy of the business they are supporting, according to research by Gartner.

And despite the importance of IT outsourcing deals to the success of the business, 21% of IT directors questioned by the analyst firm said their outsourcing policy was "not at all aligned" with the business.

The snapshot of IT outsourcing emerged from a Gartner survey of 68 executives in large companies during its annual European Outsourcing and IT Services Summit in April.

The survey revealed widespread dissatisfaction with the performance of suppliers. More than 50% of those questioned, most of whom were IT directors, said they were in the process of changing suppliers.

The survey also underlined the rise of offshore outsourcing - 57% of respondents said they were considering outsourcing some IT to offshore locations.

IT directors' top priorities when outsourcing were: cost efficiency, service quality, adaptability and relationship management.

Few of those surveyed listed how to build a business case and disaster recovery as among their top priorities when outsourcing.

Wide area networks were the most popular part of IT to outsource, followed by voice and video networks and the IT helpdesk.

Asked how happy they were with different kinds of IT service - whether run in-house or from a supplier - respondents to the survey said they were most satisfied with distributed systems (Lans and PCs) and application support. They were least satisfied with IT helpdesks.

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