No traffic hold ups at Eversheds

Leading legal firm Eversheds has chosen an externally managed IP virtual private network to cope with increased levels of traffic...

Leading legal firm Eversheds has chosen an externally managed IP virtual private network to cope with increased levels of traffic and improve the delivery of data applications to its lawyers.

Eversheds has opted for service provider Kingston Communications to address its requirements and the challenge facing Kingston is to provide a solution that gives Eversheds the higher bandwidth required to handle increased volumes of inter-office and Internet traffic.

Eversheds also needs improved and more detailed performance reporting so that it can predict potential capacity problems.
Working in close consultation with Eversheds, Kingston subsequently replaced the entire UK data network with a secure, high capacity IP-based virtual private network (VPN) linking 10 sites across the UK. With 34Mbps connections being used, Eversheds has been able to choose access speeds from 4 Mbps to 34Mbps for each site

While initially connecting 10 offices, the network will subsequently be extended to include international sites.  At a later stage, the voice traffic will also be switched to the IP VPN, once traffic and costs justify this move.

Because Kingston provides Eversheds with a managed solution, the law firm’s IT staff can focus on other issues while taking advantage of a more resilient infrastructure that provides increased bandwidth and the greater capacity needed to support growing levels of network traffic.

Graham Roberts, director of infrastructure at Eversheds, says:  “By installing diverse routing into every office and upgrading the data network we have been able to replace the original wide area network (WAN) with a more resilient infrastructure that will support the ever increasing network traffic that is part of a 21st century law firm's IT infrastructure.

He adds, “Outsourcing the management of the network will also allow our IT team to focus on developing the communications strategy and managing networking costs, rather than being bogged down with day to day network management issues.”


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