Trend Micro sees future in anti-virus services

Trend Micro expects a hike in network anti-virus services.

Trend Micro expects network anti-virus services to grow in line with the threat posed by network worms such as Sasser.

Steve Chang, the company's chief executive officer, expects anti-virus services to make up a quarter of its revenue within three years.

Trend Micro recently began selling its first hardware device designed to keep networks functioning while minimising the disruption caused by computer worms.

Last week, it announced a deal with Cisco Systems that will see the same signature-based worm-blocking technology built into Cisco's products.

The system can be managed remotely by Trend Micro and such services are likely to become a key business area for the future, said Chang.

"Our core competence and our bread and butter in the future is services," he said.

"I think the income from services will become very important."

Income from network-related anti-virus services accounts for around 8% of Trend Micro's total revenue, but expects this to grow to 25% within the next three years.

Last year the company reported annual revenue of ¥48bn ($436m).

Martyn Williams writes for IDG News Service

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