Mobile technology could revolutionise HR admin

Technologies such as WAP, Wi-Fi, GPRS, MMS, USSD and SMS can redefine processes and procedures within the field of payroll...

Technologies such as WAP, Wi-Fi, GPRS, MMS, USSD and SMS can redefine processes and procedures  within the field of payroll administration.

The ability to connect from anywhere in the world is a major advantage within such a data-centric, time-sensitive environment.

Steve Howes, chairperson of the Payroll Association of South Africa, believed SMS technology is an ideal foundation for the introduction of a software solution, which he terms Cellular Self Service (CSS), a brand pending registration, which he expected would revolutionise access to payroll information.

"The CSS approach is based on using this technology to interrogate information as a form of employee self-service implemented via customer-defined, flexible Information Request Types (IRTs). This approach is a powerful one because of the widespread use of cell phones as well as the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of SMSs. Not only can this type of technology be used as a query tool, but it can also be used to input data into just about any system," he said.

"A person on holiday with the family on some remote island resort can apply for additional leave via a simple SMS message sent from a cellphone many miles away from the actual information source," he added. 

Other services could include notification of salary payments into employees’ bank accounts, the ability to query loan balances stored in payroll systems, personal details, historical information, beneficiary details stored on the HR system and many more.

"This state-of the-art technology brings your information as recorded on the HR system directly to you. The implications are that the entire process is carried out in a highly secure manner with guaranteed delivery," Howes said.

Written by Computing SA staff

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