MacWorld New York opens its doors

Two leading Macintosh rumour websites, and, have been stirring up speculation on the wares to be...

Two leading Macintosh rumour websites, and, have been stirring up speculation on the wares to be announced at the Macworld Creative Pro conference, which opens in New York later today.

Much of the rumours centre around the launch of a G5 PowerBook by February 2004, G5 iMacs next summer, and for the enterprise, a G5 xServe by the end of this year.

An xServe based on G5 and the Panther OS has many enterprise-level suppliers and customers "salivating", claimed Sybase director of engineering Steve Olsen.

To Olsen, even more important than the G5 64-bit processor codeveloped with IBM is the asynchronous I/O support in Panther. In benchmarks done last autumn with Apple's Jaguar OS, the CPU was running at only 30% to 40% capacity.

"This means the I/O system was the bottleneck. Apple solved that problem and is implementing it at the kernel level. It is rock solid and has made a huge difference in (performance) of our database," said Olsen.

Unfortunately, the introduction of the Power Mac G5 may also be the source of problems for Apple value-added resellers in the enterprise space.

"XServe sales are dead," said one VAR who asked not to be identified. He added that the day Apple came out with the G5, xServe died.

Up until the G5 announcement, the VAR said he was having great success with xServe bundled with the xServe RAID solution.

"The hidden thing about xServe is the RAID. It is killer because it is Fibre Channel and is killer in conjunction with video editing stations," said the source.

While Apple tries to keep a tight lid on new product announcements, Matthew Ott, director of marketing and communications at Terayon, a broadband access communications company, said the steep discounts Apple is now offering developers may be an indication that they are clearing the channel to make way for a new product.

Ephraim Schwartz writes for InfoWorld

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