Borland boosts C# integration mixes

Borland Software is to unveil a trio of products, including a C# development environment and middleware for integrating systems...

Borland Software is to unveil a trio of products, including a C# development environment and middleware for integrating systems without requiring web services wrappers.

The third product is an application server for smaller companies and departments in large enterprises.

Borland C#Builder for the Microsoft .net Framework is a standards-based integrated development environment for the C# programming language.

Part of Borland's application lifecycle management strategy for .net, C#Builder features design-driven development through integration with Borland Together and the C# Builder Enterprise Core Objects Builder platform.

The product also enables connectivity to other applications.

"What we're finding is that companies today are very eager to start incorporating .net into their solutions, but they're finding they need to connect to a variety of suppliers' technologies," such as Oracle, Sun Microsystems and IBM, said Michael Swindell, director of products and technology at Borland.

Janeva, Borland's latest middleware for linking applications without using web services wrappers, is included within C#Builder. It enables connectivity from .net to J2EE and CORBA applications. Janeva will be made available as a standalone technology.

With Janeva, customers could link an existing ERP system with a sales management system built in .net, Swindell said.

While Janeva presents an alternative to web services, C#Builder does support web services, Swindell said. But Janeva provides for easier connectivity in that it reduces the number of steps developers must take.

Janeva is based on Corba IIOP, .net, and J2EE but not on web services protocols such as Soap.

Also featured in C#Builder are debugging, visual tools, ADO .net and ASP .net functionality. Microsoft Visual Studio source and project compatability also is featured.

Applications built in C#Builder can be integrated with databases from companies such as IBM, Oracle and Microsoft. The product includes application/class designer and integration with UML design tools such as Together and Rational Rose.

Borland C#Builder ships this summer in several implementations. C#Builder Architect, for .net IT team developers using design-driven development, is priced at $2,499 (£1,522), while C#Builder Enterprise, for IT team developers, costs $1,799 (£1,118).

C#Builder Professional, for independent .net developers, costs $999 (£670), and C#Builder Personal, for learning C# and .net development, costs $69 (£43).

The Borland Enterprise Server, Team Edition, is a J2EE application server for small and midsized businesses with revenues from $20m to $499m. Departments in larger enterprises also are potential users.

The application server also supports Janeva connectivity.

The product will be available in early next month for $1,995 (£1,240) per CPU. It is limited to use 25 concurrent users and does not support clustering.

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