Java components marketplace launched for BEA developers

Application server developer BEA Systems has tied up with component marketplace ComponentSource to offer an online marketplace...

Application server developer BEA Systems has tied up with component marketplace ComponentSource to offer an online marketplace for Java developers using the BEA WebLogic platform.

The global alliance is designed to provide WebLogic users with pre-built Java components based on the Java Web Services (JWS) specification.

The two firms hope the agreement will drive the creation and adoption of third-party Java components. This, in turn, should increase Java developer productivity, as developers can use off-the-shelf components rather than construct their own Java code or use Enterprise Java Beans components.

Scott Fallon, vice-president developer relations at BEA Systems, said, "By combining our industry leading technology with ComponentSource's outstanding track record in managing and growing developer communities, we can continue to provide developers with tools and services to increase their productivity and ROI in today's highly competitive market."

ComponentSource chief executive officer Sam Patterson said EJB components have, traditionally, been extremely difficult to use, as they required a lot of developer expertise. "You needed to be a guru to program with EJBs," he explained.

Patterson said the Java Web Services components on the ComponentSource marketplace would be far easier to use. "These are a new style of Java components and are designed for rapid application development."

Bola Rotibi, lead analyst for software development strategies at Ovum, believed the tie-up would benefit a large number of WebLogic developers as components within the marketplace could provide users with essential plumbing for WebLogic-based applications. Previously, this code would have been written by hand.

Java Web Services components can be used within a visual programming environment in a similar way to how ActiveX is used within the Microsoft Visual Basic tool. To build an application with Java Web Services components in an integrated development tool, a developer drags and drops a given component into his Java project.

The first fruit of the partnership is a marketplace hosted by ComponentSource called BEA WebLogic Galleries, targeting the BEA WebLogic platform. Reusable Java components available on the marketplace include components for credit card validation, payroll administration, sales tax calculations and transaction processing.

Other components offer data conversion, file handling, Web services management and wireless, handheld and mobile communications.

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