BEA claims world's fastest Java Virtual Machine

BEA Systems has released JRockit 7.0 for Intel hardware, described by one company official as the "world's fastest" Java Virtual...

BEA Systems has released JRockit 7.0 for Intel hardware, described by one company official as the "world's fastest" Java Virtual Machine.

Version 7.0 focuses on manageability, performance, and support for Intel's 32 and 64-bit architectures, although the 64-bit JVM is not yet available, Bob Griswold, vice-president and general manager of the Java run-time products group at BEA, said.

"We've been working with Intel closely for the past year on optimising this JVM for the Intel architecture so what you'll see with JRockit 7.0 is the world's fastest JVM on the Intel architecture. It's actually the world's fastest JVM on any architecture, period," Griswold said.

The company will release benchmarks on the new version, which Griswold said is twice as fast as the current release of JRockit, Version 3.1.5.

JRockit 7.0 will be available free of charge, but the company hopes to use it to boost sales of its WebLogic Server application server platform, although the JVM will function with other application servers as well, Griswold said.

"JRockit is optimised and tuned with WebLogic in mind, but you can run any Java application on it," he said.

Version 7.0 features a new management console that provides details of what is going on inside the server and the hardware itself. With details such as memory usage "it actually goes all the way down to the metal," Griswold said.

The initial product will support Intel 32-bit processors but BEA will release 64-bit versions when Red Hat and Microsoft ship 64-bit operating systems for Intel, Griswold said.

A technology preview of JRockit for Red Hat Advanced Server with 64-bit functionality is anticipated in a couple of months. General releases of 64-bit JRockit implementations are expected in early 2003.

BEA acquired the JRockit technology when it purchased Appeal Virtual Machines, a Swedish-based company, in February.

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