Unisys taps Microsoft to bring business intelligence to the masses

Unisys will work with Microsoft, SAP, SAS Institute, ProClarity, and others to build an integrated business intelligence solution...

Unisys will work with Microsoft, SAP, SAS Institute, ProClarity, and others to build an integrated business intelligence solution designed to further maximise the massive amounts of data companies collect and need to analyse.

Based on the Unisys ES7000 enterprise servers as a foundation, Unisys and its partners will deliver business intelligence solutions in a Microsoft standard environment.

As a result, these integrated solutions can bring analytic and reporting capabilities to the average user's desktop, allowing them to sift through corporate data for information they can use.

Business intelligence solutions built on the ES7000 and exisiting and forthcoming versions of Microsoft SQL Server platform are easier to manage and can deliver lower total cost of ownership compared with Unix-based solutions, said Don Montgomery, director of strategic programmes at Unisys.

No other server platform can provide the high levels of availability and performance needed to run intensive business intelligence solutions with the economics of the Windows/Intel server environment, Montgomery added.

Although Unisys will partner with other application providers in the future for the initiative, it will focus solely on Microsoft SQL Server for the partnership.

"The desire to be able to buy best of breed modularly rather than go with an all-in-one business intelligence in a box solution is compelling for us. The new database growth and the new opportunities to put robust scalable databases in place are happening on Windows," Montgomery said. "We are 100% focused on SQL Server and its follow-on products. We're bringing the economics of the Microsoft environment into the data centre."

As business intelligence becomes increasingly critical to company operations, enterprises are looking for vendors to take responsibility for integrating various pieces of a business intelligence solution, said Henry Morris, an analyst at IDC.

"Unisys is trying to bring together these systems in the Microsoft environment to handle more challenging workloads," Morris said. "As business intelligence becomes incorporated with operations, the availability that the system vendor can ensure is an important feature."

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