New monitoring tools for e-commerce sites unveiled

Keynote Systems has upgraded its Web site and network performance monitoring software to provide real-time information on Web...

Keynote Systems has upgraded its Web site and network performance monitoring software to provide real-time information on Web site problems and how to fix them.

The enhancements and three new products were announced by Keynote at the company's Global Internet Performance Conference this week in San Francisco, USA.

Chris D'Agostino, e-commerce development manager at office supply company Boise Office Solutions, said that during beta testing, the enhancements in Keynote's Transaction Perspective 4.0 application provided far more information than IT staff had previously had to enable them to find and fix any potential problems affecting their site.

D'Agostino said the new detail in site monitoring offers deeper drill-down capabilities to pinpoint network or other system problems. The company had been using an earlier version of the software, which offered far less detail on problems, he said.

An alert function is especially useful because it pages IT staffers and notifies them of a problem whether it is with the site itself or with the Internet, D'Agostino added.

Transaction Perspective 4.0 will be available next month for $1,295 (£881) per Web address per month.

John McConnell, an analyst at McConnell Associates, said the new features build upon the company's earlier monitoring functions by adding important new diagnostics to provide more value for users. "Clearly what they're really [adding] there is what the market wants," McConnell said. Being able to use these monitoring tools to run systems more efficiently with less downtime means users will see gains, he said.

Another of Keynote's new products, Data Pulse, is particularly interesting he said, because it immediately sends Keynote's performance monitoring data into a customer's data centre, rather than creating a paper report for processing. That allows real-time access for problem solving, rather than slower manual analysis and repairs, he said.

Mike Baglietto, a Keynote senior product manager, said the new enhancements and products are part of the company's new "total performance management" strategy. The new focus is away from just benchmarking, he said, toward services that look more at a customer's operations and diagnostic requirements.

Also unveiled by the company were new testing services, triple-verifying alarm services to report problems and new performance testing products for wireless systems.

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