Developers wait for .net certificate

Architecture: Andy Favell examines the status of .net developments

Architecture: Andy Favell examines the status of .net developments

Developers in Microsoft's .net architecture will have to wait until later in the year for supplier-accredited certification.

The first .net product has been on the market for three months and more than 2,000 people in the UK are playing with beta copies of the next version of Windows. The developers tool kit Visual Studio .net was launched in February.

The .net version of the Microsoft operating system is expected to launch early next year, assuming that all goes well when the first Windows .net release candidate ships to beta testers this month. "We are currently beta testing the .net certification and plan to have it out later in the year," said Peter Bell, strategy manager in the .net developer group.

Certification courses will be available through Microsoft certified education centres, such as QA Training.

The lack of official certification does not mean that developers assessing Visual Studio .net and Windows .net are untrained. Hands-on training labs are available "in lieu of proper qualifications", Bell said.

Early adopters have found that Visual Studio .net requires a mind-shift from earlier versions. Paul Saggar, director of technology development at Hogg Robinson Business Technology, said training is necessary to master techniques such as object-orientated programming and multithreading, which were not part of previous versions of Visual Studio.

Jon Shepstone, head of operations at QA Training, said supplier certified qualifications are necessary.

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