Laid-back IT workers miss out on jobs by not doing their homework

Many ITers are missing out on the best jobs because they fail to show enough enthusiasm and knowledge of the company during their...

Many ITers are missing out on the best jobs because they fail to show enough enthusiasm and knowledge of the company during their interview, writes Nathalie Towner.

According to IT recruitment specialists, a common stumbling block is a failure on the part of the job seeker to demonstrate even a basic understanding of the company and the requirements of the position.

"It never fails to surprise me how many candidates have failed to conduct critical research into the history and activities of the company they are seeking to join," says Mike Beesley of IT job agency Sanderson Recruitment.

"Often compounding that mistake is their ignorance of the job itself, what it entails and the kind of experience they need. It is easy to find this out and it demonstrates to the interviewer that the candidate is showing real interest in getting the job."

Even if you fail to impress the interviewer with your knowledge of the company, it is still worth trying to show some enthusiasm.

"A very simple example of showing enthusiasm is in your body language," says Beesley. "Leaning forward in your seat, looking interviewers in the eyes and really listening to what they say are just three ways of communicating genuine interest."

Beesley offers the following reasons for doing your research:

  • An employer is unlikely to take on someone who appears to have no interest in their company

  • It can help you decide whether you really want to work for the company

  • It enables you to tailor your CV and application to emphasise your suitability for the position

  • If you are full of enthusiasm during the interview, it implies that you will carry this through to the job.

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