Court postpones Hynix/Rambus patent case

A US court has postponed a lawsuit by South Korean chip maker Hynix against US rival Rambus.

A US court has postponed a lawsuit by South Korean chip maker Hynix against US rival Rambus.

Hynix had sought a declaration that its synchronous dynamic RAM (SDRAM) and double data rate (DDR) SDRAM products do not infringe Rambus's patents.

The Court for the Northern District of California suggested that it might postpone the case indefinitely, pending a resolution of a separate Rambus appeal in a case against Infineon Technologies that involves some of the same patent issues.

Rambus sued Infineon last year for patent infringement after the German chip maker, along with Hynix and US chip maker Micron Technology, refused to pay royalties for SDRAM and DDR SDRAM technologies.

Rambus lost the case and was further fined for fraud for improperly obtaining patents on chips that were being developed by the Joint Electron Device Engineering Council while the company was participating in the group.

The court in California adopted some of the rulings used in the Infineon case, thereby dismissing most of Rambus's patent claims, Rambus said. However, the company said it is confident that the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit - where Rambus is appealing against a number of rulings in the Infineon case - will react more positively to its claims.

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