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Yorkshire e-commerce takes off

E-commerce is taking off east of the Pennines

In the past six months, the number of companies in Yorkshire and Humber using the internet to buy online has doubled, according to a survey by regional development agency Yorkshire Forward and the CBI.

The survey revealed that manufacturing is leading the drive to e-commerce in the region.

The number of firms selling online has risen by half compared to six months ago.

Six months previously just 18% of companies in the region were using theiInternet for purchasing: now this has risen to 33%. Although the majority of firms still only use the Internet for information and communication, the number selling online has risen from 15% to 22% while 38% use it for advertising.

Penny Hemming, regional director of the CBI, warned that skills shortages and lack of finance were the main obstacles for e-commerce growth in the region.

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