VCE alliance wins NBN Co

NBNCo will use Cisco Unified Computing, plus EMC's Symmetrix VMAX, Avamar, and Data products alongside VMware vSphere and BMC software in its data centre.

Cisco has issued a press release stating that the VCE Alliance - the troika of EMC, Cisco and VMware, will provide infrastructure for NBN Co's data centres.The alliance's preconfigured Vblock systems will be used.

In a press release issued today, Cisco said it will deploy the system, which Cisco said "supports NBN Co’s requirements for a data centre with the flexibility to scale to meet aggressive growth requirements and the business agility to rapidly roll out new services."

NBN Co Head of Corporate Services, Mr Kevin Brown is quoted as saying “We are pleased to have acquired Cisco as our strategic supplier of our data centre, a foundation that will underpin the operation of the NBN.”


The release includes Les Williamson, Vice President of Cisco Australia and New Zealand, saying that   “We are very pleased that NBN Co selected technology from Cisco, EMC and VMware to build the data centre," while EMC's David Webster, President of EMC Australia, New Zealand and South East said: “For EMC’s Vblock Infrastructure to be selected as a foundational component of the NBN, along with our partners Cisco and VMware, tells of the strategic significance of the VCE coalition for providing mission critical IT infrastructures for the public sector and enterprise organisations."


Paul Harapin, Managing Director of VMware Australia also weighed in saying that "VMware is pleased to be a key player in providing the technology that will see the NBN Co’s next generation data centre operating with the flexibility and scale required to transition Australia toward its new digital future.”


The win is a feather in the cap for the alliance, coming on top of Westpac's recent admission it has adopted its combined technologies.

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