NetApp calls Oracle “Crazy Ivan,” digs at HP’s blogfest

If it’s Thursday, then it must be time for us to delve into the murky waters of the storage blogosphere to figure out who’s trying to shout at whom, a pursuit which this week finds NetApp, HDS, Brocade, Emulex, EMC, 3Par and assorted others fighting it out.

One of the things that has occurred to your correspondent while compiling this column is just why storage vendors are so uniquely voluble in their social media output. We wonder because we have tried similar articles on other sites and they did not generate half the traffic this one does (we don’t do this entirely for fun, you know!)

Preston de Guise of the NetWorker blog seems to be thinking along similar lines and seems to have come to the conclusion that vendors don’t blog in order to actually educate anyone.

Here’s his graph explaining a theory of what happens when storage bloggers blog. Click on it to visit the post.

We think he has a point, given this week’s aggression, which starts with NetApp’s Dave Hitz calling Oracle “Crazy Ivan” and insisting it is a compliment. Grumpy Storage also ponders Oracle, here.

Another online stoush is brewing between IBM and EMC, as the former has issued a white paper which in a massive surprise says IBM is good and EMC is not. We’ve long been sceptical of this kind of marketing tactic, which hardly seems an objective assessment.

Another tactic that has some folks worried is the practise of schlepping bloggers onto your campus and ruthlessly educating them for a couple of days about your kit and no-one else’s. HP did just this a couple of weeks back and the blogosphere reacted with posts-a-plenty.

But NetApp reckons HP may have used the event to spread, if not FUD, then some mistruths, as visible in this post. Storage blogger Steve Foskett has responded to this kind of assertion with a strongly-worded post insisting that if HP tried to brainwash him, it sure didn’t work and couldn’t have worked on other attendees too.

So you can understand a little of what went on at the event and judge for yourself, here’s a video of the shindig from Ruptured Monkey

No love for EMC

One notable feature of this week’s post is that there’s not a lot of love for EMC out there this week, other than from one very unlikely source: HDS’ Hu Yoshida who agrees with EMC’s Chuck Hollis on the matter of data deduplication.

But 3PAR’s Marc Farley labels EMC’s unified storage platform a “fantasy” and Drunken Data says that during recent chats with storage users they say they’re down on the company because its kit is costly to buy and maintain. Even EMC isn’t in love with itself, or what it insists is its old self, as Chuck Hollis explains why he doesn’t really want to talk storage strategy any more.

Another online argument features Emulex and Brocade. Instigated by the former, it features something called UEFI and its impact on storage network performance. 3Par’s storage RAP has a dig at Brocade, too. HDS and Cinetica are also having a bit of a stoush, over storage virtualisation.

Interest in FileStore

Something we did not expect was big blogosphere reaction to Symantec’s new cloud play, FileStore, but it’s out there. Storage Switzerland leads the pack, which includes Storagebod, and The Storage Architect. All are broadly positive. VMware’s SRM 4.0 is also well-loved, thanks to vTacit and Virtual Geek.

See you next week!

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