Geoscience Australia tenders for 50 petabytes of storage

If the account manager at your storage supplier is not returning calls, it could be because Geoscience Australia has the local industry in a tizzy with its tender for 50 petabytes of storage, complete with information lifecycle management and tiered storage.

Geoscience Australia (GA) has issued a tender for storage hardware and software that are expected to last the agency between five and nine years and will eventually store up to 50 petabytes.

GA has colossal storage requirements, as all geological surveys conducted under mining exploration leases must be lodged with the agency, which maintains the data for 30 years or more. As the sophistication of the tools used to conduct geological surveys increases, the amount of data each survey increases.

GA is therefore required to store increasing quantities of data, hence this colossal tender which runs to more than 250 pages, with an additional 89 pages in a separate “scope of requirements” document.

SearchStorage ANZ has read both documents and the headline items of the new system include:

  • A three-site solution, with primary, disaster recovery and DMZ sites each requiring their own solution
  • Implementation of an information lifecycle management regime that is expected to become the basis for all of GA’s future data management efforts
  • The introduction of tiered storage and automatic, policy-driven migration between tiers
  • An expectation that virtualised storage will form a major part of any new solution
  • A desire to lower the cost of storage and storage management for the agency

The tender calls for the decommissioning of current storage infrastructure and mentions equipment from Dell, Rainfinity and EMC in an appendix dedicated to listing existing hardware.

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