Brazilian Wax Company sees 30% sales boost with VoIP fixes

VoIP reliability improvements boost sales by 30% at Brazilian Wax Company A small Manchester-based personal services company has increased sales 30%...

A small Manchester-based personal services company has increased sales by 30% after fixing reliability problems in its voice of internet protocol (VoIP) broadband online booking system.

The Brazilian Waxing Company specialises in Brazilian and body waxing for men and women. After opening in 2007, the company has enjoyed solid bookings thanks to a strong focus on customer loyalty and search engine optimisation.

Most bookings are made over the phone or online. But increasing demand led to network capacity problems. Switching to VoIP and an external hosted web service still proved unreliable and began to compromise sales.

Brazilian Waxing IT director Afra Rana said, "We could often hear customers on the phone, but they couldn't hear us. And even when our VoIP system was working, our bookings server sometimes slowed right down, making booking an appointment an extremely painful process for clients.

"Since the web and phone are our main customer booking channels, these technology headaches were starting to compromise the growth of the overall business," Rana said.

An investigation showed that the company's broadband line was the root of the problem. For VoIP to be completely reliable, the company found a shared line was not acceptable.

After some consultation the team chose an uncontended, symmetrical 2mbps ADSL2+ line from independent network carrier Fluidata. Fluidata also provided a secondary automatic fail-over line so that the VoIP service will switch over without having to reconfigure if the primary line fails.

Rana also took the bookings server back in-house so all traffic for phone and online bookings could run down the Fluidata line. Fluidata also provided an expansion capability so that Brazilian Waxing could increase its bandwidth as the business grew.

"The booking process works like a dream and we're enjoying a 30% increase in overall sales, 35% of which are male customers," Rana said.

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