Google to develop US government cloud, but no news on UK

Google has announced it is building a government cloud.

Google has announced it is building a government cloud. It has launched a government computing online shop, to allow US government users to buy cloud-based services.

The site is an online storefront to help government agencies to browse and purchase cloud-based IT services from a variety of service providers, including Google.

Matthew Glotzbach, director, product management, Google Enterprise, said: "We want to do our part to make it easier for government to make the transition to cloud computing. We recognise that government agencies have unique regulatory and compliance requirements for IT systems, and cloud computing is no exception. So we've invested a lot of time in understanding government's needs and how they relate to cloud computing.

Google plans to support US government standards, such as Federal Information Security Management Act certification, in its government cloud service, due to go live in 2010.

Google has not said whether the cloud service will be made available to the UK government.

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