Government saves £7m with green IT measures

The government claims it saved £7m last year by turning computers off and printing double-sided paper as it reduces its carbon footprint.

The government claims it saved £7m last year by turning computers off and printing double-sided paper as it reduces its carbon footprint.

According to Cabinet Office Minister Angela Smith, government reduced its carbon footprint by 12,000 tonnes in the past year by taking a few relatively simple steps.

Government departments were given 18 steps to follow, including switching off PCs at night and extending the lifecycle of computers.

"A year ago the British Government became the first in the world to set tough targets to tackle the huge environmental and financial costs of computer use," said Angela Smith.

"All departments have risen to the challenge of cutting their IT carbon footprints and countries from around the world are now looking to us for advice on how to follow our lead," Smith added.

Smith highlighted some examples of how the money and carbon had been saved, including the decision by the Crown Prosecution Service to save £2.35m by replacing 9,500 computers and 2,500 printers every five years rather than every three.

A version of this story originally appeared on MicroScope

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