Podcast: The business benefits of Web 2.0 and collaboration technology

The economic downturn has increased substantially the pressures that are applied on today’s businesses, encompassing changes in budget, changes in business methodologies and changes in the places in which firms must trade in order to not just flourish but to just stay in business.

There exists a wide variety of IT and communications solutions that can help firms cope with these changes and drive ahead. Fundamentally such IT and communications solutions, especially the latest Web 2.0 technologies, can be used to enable effective collaboration between a firm’s user base, wherever it is deployed, including not only employees, but also suppliers and, most importantly, customers.

The benefits of this collaboration will be improved productivity of employees and better service to customers and suppliers. Firms can become more flexible and adaptable entities, sharing knowledge more effectively, reacting faster and have more effective supply chains. Effective collaboration will also mean reduced spend on travel which in turn will reduce a firm’s carbon footprint.

By aligning collaboration technology closely with business processes, firms will be able to bring about optimal business outcomes, achieving both productivity and profitability.

This podcast will show exactly how Web 2.0 and collaboration technologies can produce these positive outcomes.

It will highlight:

  • Current Web 2.0 and collaboration technologies
  • The business benefits that Web 2.0 and collaboration technologies can deliver
  • The infrastructure needed to deploy and maintain them
  • How to ensure such technologies are used securely and effectively
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    Podcast: The business benefits of Web 2.0 and collaboration technology

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    This was first published in August 2009


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