Old technology risk to small businesses

Nearly two million UK small businesses (49%) are putting their data and productivity at risk by using old technology to run their business.

Nearly two million UK small businesses (49%) are putting their data and productivity at risk by using old technology...

to run their business.

A survey by online SME business consultancy site BizHelp24 has found that 24.8% of small business owners say they do not need to update or replace their computers and other technology at all, while 12.4% only update them every three years, and 12.1% every four years or more.

This is despite small business employees saying that slow and unreliable computers are the biggest cause of irritation in the office.

The survey found that 34.7% of businesses do upgrade or replace their equipment once a year or more, ensuring their equipment remains productive and reliable, said BizHelp24.

Colin Duguid, managing director of BizHelp24 said, “Whilst older computers may still do the job, they can be slow and unreliable and are more likely to break down, disrupting your business.

“Updating or replacing your equipment every couple of years helps to ensure your staff can stay productive, and minimises the risk of you losing your data or needing to pay the cost of repairs.”

Duguid said businesses that have invested in good technology may be justified in keeping it for several years, but he said it was worrying that so many businesses say they do not need to update their technology at all.

The survey of over 360 small business owners/managers/employees was conducted on

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