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    • The future of Moore's Law at 50

      21 April 2015 Includes:
      • Moore's Law 50 years on: Supercomputing is not just for boffins
      • Government IT over the last five years – the good, the bad and the digital
      • CIO Interview: Dustan Steer, IT director, Ted Baker
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    • Taking stock of e-commerce systems

      14 April 2015 Includes:
      • Single inventory accuracy: The holy grail of retail
      • Sanctions against cyber attackers and spies may not be that easy
      • Six technology companies to hasten the demise of retail bank giants
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  • CWEurope

    The monthly CW Europe e-zine focuses on multiple themes relevant to the European market. CW Europe discusses key management issues for IT pros – from building a new data centre, considering cloud computing, to developing a more secure infrastructure.

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  • Latest Issues
    • CW Europe - April 2015 Edition

      April 2015 Includes:
      • Energy-efficient Europe: How the datacentre sector is keeping it clean
      • Case study: Norwegian insurer invests in Darktrace machine-learning cyber defence
      • Tieto’s Taneli Tikka brings startup drive to industrial internet business
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    • CW Europe – March 2015 Edition

      March 2015 Includes:
      • Case study: Antwerp port boosts profits with activity-based management software
      • Most EU businesses unclear on latest cyber security laws
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  • MicroScope

    Since 1982, MicroScope has contributed to and led debate in the UK channel industry. Objective reporting and informed analysis makes MicroScope an essential read for anyone working in the channel and remains a key news resource for resellers and suppliers.

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  • Latest Issues

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