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  • December 05, 2022 05 Dec'22

    DCMS to assess UK semiconductor industry

    The ongoing global chip crisis, geopolitician tension with China and deal-blocking are the backdrop to this latest assessment

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    • Why Enterprises Value Stability Over Gee-Whiz Technology

      One of the ironies of the fast-changing technology world is that the corporate department that’s responsible for applying those technologies to the business is typically one of the most conservative parts of the organisation. See More

    • Two Game-Changing Wireless Technologies You May Not Know About

      With all the (justifiable) excitement about the impending arrival of 5G wireless service, it would be easy to overlook two other developments in wireless networking that could have an even greater impact on businesses than 5G, at least in the short term. See More

    • What Do PCs Have to Do with Sustainability? Plenty

      More than 70% of executives say sustainability is a top-10 priority for their companies. Two-thirds of consumers will pay more for brands that commit to sustainability. And more than 70% of people prefer to work for a company that has a strong green footprint over one that doesn’t. See More

    • Reimagining the Laptop

      It wasn’t long ago that some skeptics forecasted that laptop PC sales would dwindle amid competition from tablets and increasingly capable smart phones. But the laptop is “the little engine that could.” Statista now forecasts that sales of notebook computers will surge to 225 million units in 2021, up more than 60% from four years ago. See More

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  • December 05, 2022 05 Dec'22

    How HashiCorp is driving cloud provisioning and management

    HashiCorp CEO Dave McJannet talks up how the company is supporting cloud provisioning in a hybrid environment and its investments in Asia-Pacific to capitalise on the region’s growth potential

  • December 05, 2022 05 Dec'22

    Cohesity doubles down on cyber-defence failings via backup

    Datahawk service and Data Security Alliance bring clean data restores, ransomware artefact detection, data vaulting and data audit for a clearer understanding of attack impact

  • December 05, 2022 05 Dec'22

    Vodafone CEO Nick Read steps down

    As telco operator battles with delivering shareholder value, it has decided it needs a new CEO

  • December 05, 2022 05 Dec'22

    French cyber consultancy Hackuity sets up UK operation

    Risk-based vulnerability management company is to establish a UK base of operations in the hope of expanding its enterprise client base

  • December 04, 2022 04 Dec'22

    How Bosch is driving Industry 4.0 in India

    Bosch India is leveraging advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to detect manufacturing defects and plans to tap quantum computing for material simulation

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