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Dutch manufacturer standardises internal IT services through Unisys

Metal-based product maker Constellium wants to cut the costs associated with its disparate IT support operation through a contract with Unisys

Dutch Aluminium product maker Constellium is standardising its IT processes through software and services from Unisys.

Constellium, which develops aluminium products, will lower costs and standardise services across the company through service desk, desk side services and IT service management from Unisys.

The company will benefit from the latest communication tools and will automate IT support across its operations in Germany, the US and China.

Big businesses now want to maximise self-service and automation for IT services to reduce costs, cut problem resolution times and increase user satisfaction through easy to use tools.

Constellium, which has its headquarters in Amsterdam, was created when Rio Tinto sold off Alcan Engineered Products to Apollo Management. It manufactures aluminum parts for industries including aerospace and automotive. It has revenue of over €5bn and employs around 10,000 people.

Over the next five years, Unysis will deliver self-help services to Constellium’s staff, using predictive analytics, chat, mobility and automated request management. The project also involves centralising and automating IT support, and all services are being managed through a digital service hub.  

“We needed a strategic partner to design, develop and implement a solution that we could roll out across the whole organisation,” said Vittorio Rossetti, CIO at Constellium.

“We needed to standardise, harmonise and unify our operations across all our businesses. We now have a user environment that is intuitive, people-oriented and is already delivering productivity benefits across our entire organisation.”

The Unisys Delivery Center for Constellium now handles automated service requests in English, French and German for users. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

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