Junior developers to see 4.3% pay rise in 2017

Developers, junior developers and mobile applications developers are among the top 10 job roles expected to see the highest salary increases this year

Junior developers are expected to see a 4.3% salary increase in 2017 as one of the top 10 roles attracting the biggest pay rises, according to research.

A study by recruitment consultant Robert Half found developers, junior developers and mobile applications developers to be among the top 10 job roles to see the highest salary increases this year.

Junior developers currently earn within the threshold of £19,500 to £30,000 a year and, according to the research, some junior developers with more than five years’ experience are earning the same as those with 10 or more years in the field.

Phil Sheridan, senior managing director at Robert Half UK, said that in some cases, businesses are raising starting salaries in a bid to find the right people to take on transformational business projects.

“To win the growing war for talent, businesses need to offer competitive salaries, opportunities for development and a supportive company culture to remain an employer of choice,” he said.

But this could add strain to the talent pool because there are only a limited number of people with these specific skills, said Sheridan.

There is currently a skills gap in the UK technology industry, with demand for skilled IT workers outstripping supply. An estimated 756,000 skilled digital workers will be needed across Europe by 2020.

The research suggested that mobile applications development roles would see a 4.3% salary increase over the next year, with a top-range salary of £62,000.

This rise has been driven by the growing number of businesses developing smartphone and tablet applications.

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Skilled developers are expected to see a 4.5% salary increase in 2017, and are sought after by businesses that need skilled workers to support apps development as well as using DevOps to encourage innovation.

These workers are also required to have communication and collaboration skills to work with other parts of the business, and firms are increasingly looking for technical workers who also have soft skills.

But there are roles in the tech industry that are in high demand despite not appearing in the top 10 for salary increases this year.

Data science roles are gaining importance as firms increase their use of data analytics for decision making. Meanwhile, demand for cyber security specialists has been driven up by a number of high-profile hacking cases in recent years.

But the role to see the biggest pay rise in 2017 is financial planning and analysis managers in larger firms, who are expected to see a 5.8% salary increase.

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