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Schroders staff to complete daily tasks on mobile devices

The asset management company wants to make it easier for its staff to complete everyday tasks by linking mobile devices to enterprise systems

Global asset management company Schroders is using software to make it possible for staff to carry out everyday business tasks quickly and conveniently via any mobile device.

To this end, the company is implementing mobility software from Capriza, which provides mobile access to business applications. This enterprise-wide roll-out will potentially be used by all of its 4,000 staff.

The employee mobility strategy is aimed at speeding up business activities by reducing the time it takes to complete certain tasks, said Graham Kellen, chief digital officer (CDO) at Schroders.

“Everybody in our business has a mobile device, and we want to identify those everyday activities that should take one or two minutes, but normally take four or five minutes when logging into a big system,” he said.

“We want to maximise productivity on the go by giving people bite-sized windows into things like approvals so they can do it anywhere. It is about finding those extra moments of productivity to help everybody work more efficiently,” he added.

For example, making approvals for HR and purchasing, which require multiple people to sign off, will be faster. “These take time because people have to sit at their desks, log in and work through each different system,” said Kellen. “This allows us to do that efficiently so people can do it while they are waiting for a lift.”

The software links to legacy platforms and “brings them into the digital ecosystem”, he added.

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The implementation started in early January, and the company expects to complete it in the third week of February.

Schroders created the position of CDO as a result of management’s realisation that the company needs more focus on digital technology.

The company is running data science projects to gain business insights, using the wealth of data it has on investments and markets to provide information in the right format to the employees who can use it.

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