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Momentum 16: EMC Documentum gets upgrade for upcoming owner OpenText

EMC’s enterprise content division puts its best foot forward with upgrades in time for OpenText ownership

The Dell EMC enterprise content division, which is being bought by OpenText, has taken the opportunity of its customer event Momentum, in Barcelona, to announce some product upgrades.

Chris McLaughlin, chief marketing officer for the division, said the OpenText acquisition should be completed in the December 2016 to January 2017 time period, “and we are working on integration planning  – we feel this is the best outcome for the division”.

His colleague Savinay Berry, vice-president for product management, said in a media and analyst conference at the event: “Analytics has been our Achilles’ heel and OpenText has been doing interesting things there.”

Rohit Ghai, president, Dell EMC enterprise content division, opened his keynote speech at the conference by invoking the dawn of a new era. “But it’s not what you think,” he said. Instead, he meant the eclipse of the client-server era and the beginning of the cloud computing and digital one.

Using mountaineering metaphors, he said the division had seen a need to go beyond “expeditionary” climbing to more agile “alpine” approaches; to “go beyond” enterprise content management to agile, partly cloud-based enterprise information management.

Ghai said a period of introspection in the EMC enterprise content division had revealed a need for cognitive analytics in the product suite and pointed to a need to expand the division’s team. He said it was this process that led to the upcoming ownership by OpenText “and not a desire to move to Canada” in the wake of the forthcoming US presidential election. OpenText is based in Waterloo, Ontario.

Ghai had on stage with him Muhi Majzoub, executive vice-president, engineering at OpenText. Majzoub said his company was, like Dell EMC’s enterprise content division, “committed to hybridity [of cloud and on-premise software]”. The pair said teams from both companies were already working hard together.

Majzoub also committed to the futures of Dell EMC’s Documentum, LEAP and its vertical document management systems for oil and gas and life sciences.

Ghai stressed that both companies were still competing in a “business as usual mode” as the merger was not yet completed.

Documentum 7.3

Dell EMC said in a press statement that Documentum 7.3 “significantly reduces total cost of ownership [TCO] and time associated with upgrades by creating easier delivery and deployment of new applications and enabling a cloud-first strategy, both of which address the demands of existing customers and the broader content management community”.

Fred Baaij, IT chapter lead archiving, ING Bank Netherlands, said: “As an existing ECD [enterprise content division] customer, we have always appreciated the power and breadth of Documentum, but while beta testing Documentum 7.3, we were pleasantly surprised to see the potential for significant cost and time savings.”

A major feature of the new release is new open source server stack functionality, including Linux OS (Ubuntu, CentOS) and PostgreSQL database. The company said the elimination of commercial software licensing (Microsoft, Oracle) that resulted from the open source availability could dramatically reduce the potential costs of ECM.

It also said it provided support for cloud infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) platforms, including Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Microsoft Azure.

Great LEAP forward?

Dell EMC also introduced what it called the “Dell EMC LEAP Platform, a next-generation content management platform featuring a deep set of enterprise-grade content services that allow customers and partners to create their own apps, extend off-the-shelf LEAP apps and integrate with third-party ISVs”.

It also announced the general availability of two content management apps: LEAP Focus, which is said to allow users to read and review content on mobile phones, and LEAP Express, designed to support digital approval workflows. It also announced a beta programme for its LEAP Concert app, which is said to enable the creation of a wide variety of documents in a collaborative mode.

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Achintya Moulick, CEO, GlobeHealer, a Philadelphia-based company that provides health information electronically to patients worldwide, said: “Our goal at GlobeHealer is to put patients at the centre of their healthcare decision-making and offer unparalleled control over treatment by connecting them to providers through technology.

“We are excited to utilise the capabilities of Dell EMC LEAP solutions to power the case management requirements of our systems, expediting and securing data delivery and approval between patients, insurers and providers. LEAP Courier supports GlobeHealer in providing patients with information and access to the best care.”

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