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Dutch bank ING returns to the UK with a mobile app

ING is offering a mobile app that allows consumers to manage accounts with different banks in one place

Dutch bank ING is coming back to the UK after a four-year absence through a mobile app that enables people to manage their accounts with different banks in one place.

The app, known as Yolt, is ING’s first retail banking foray into the UK market since it sold ING direct to Barclays in 2012.

Yolt users can manage their money with different banks in one place by putting all bank accounts in one mobile dashboard. It also lets them know how many days are left till pay day, predicts their bank balance based on their direct debits and points out any significant changes in their spending patterns.

The app was developed in-house by ING’s Innovation Office in Amsterdam.

Ignacio Julia Vilar, chief innovation officer at ING, said the aggregation app is built to suit the way in which people think about money. “How long is it before their pay date, how much are they spending and what is the risk of them going overdrawn?”

The app has been tested with UK consumers since January 2016, as well as the bank’s staff in the ING wholesale banking operation, which continued after the sale of the retail unit.

Yolt is ready for the early adopters and will become available on iOS and Android in the coming months. “We believe we have to reinvent the way we are providing customer service – this is where becoming a platform and ‘the place to go’ is core to our strategy,” said Vilar.

ING CEO Ralph Hamers recently said the bank has the ambition to be a leader in digital banking, including moving to open platforms and new ecosystems, and Yolt is a step in that direction.

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