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Alsbridge Australia is taking root

IT outsourcing and robotic automation firm Alsbridge now has presences in three cities in the ANZ region

Alsbridge, the recently formed Australian IT outsourcing advisory business, is ahead of schedule, according to the company’s global CEO.

After its launch in Australia in March, the company now has a presence in Sydney, Melbourne and Auckland in New Zealand.

Its main focus is to support companies looking to outsource, implement robotic process automation and harness data analytics in the cloud.

Chip Wagner, CEO of Alsbridge, said it would take time to establish the brand, but the early signs were good.

He said the company felt Australia was underserved in IT outsourcing advisories and had set up in the country under expansion plans that, a year earlier, had seen it redouble its efforts in the UK.

In March 2015, Alsbridge launched an outsourcing advisory business in the UK after years of operating a franchise model. It had previously run a benchmarking operation in the UK, but its sourcing consultancy business was run as a franchise by Aecus.

Wagner said: “We don’t expect the Australia and New Zealand market to ever be gigantic, but it is a good market.

“The Australian market has embraced outsourcing, whether IT outsourcing or business process outsourcing. It was certainly not as quick to embrace it as some of the western Europe markets or the US, but it was a very fast follower.”

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Alsbridge is still small in Australia and New Zealand, with just 10 people on the ground.

As well as advising on IT sourcing, the company offers robotic process automation services and cost reduction services for CIOs.

Wagner said that despite having only 10 employees in Australia and New Zealand, Alsbridge operates in other countries, such as India, to provide Australian organisations with automation services.

In Australia, its main competitors were the likes of Deloitte, KPMG, EY, PwC and ISG, he said, and there were also some specialist Australian and New Zealand players.

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