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Teradata Universe 2016: MPP architecture recast as ‘Intelliflex’

Teradata announces a re-architecting of its “massively parallel processing” data warehouse, the expansion of managed cloud service to Europe, and availability of its database on AWS

Teradata announced an evolution of the architecture of its “massive parallel processing” data warehouse at its Universe customer event in Hamburg.

The supplier also announced the expansion of its managed cloud service to Europe, and the availability of its data warehousing technology on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

At a briefing on the eve of the conference, Oliver Ratzesberger, president of Teradata Labs, said “Intelliflex” – which is the new name of its MPP software – broke the “drawback” link between storage and compute.

“Our customers have been asking us about scaling processing and storage independently. MPP platforms have traditionally had the limitation that compute and storage come together. However, sometimes you need more storage, and sometimes more compute. Our customers also want to grow more incrementally, and with faster upgrades. [Moreover], analytics are today so operationalised that the data warehouse cannot have any downtime,” he said.

The Intelliflex architecture provides “multi-dimensional scalability, enabling companies to add processing power and storage capacity independently to meet their current and changing business requirements”, the supplier said in a statement.

Additionally, the supplier claimed, it eliminates “87% of extended downtime due to unavailability of data. [And] it accommodates a denser, more efficient cabinet footprint (ie, more CPU cores, more memory, more hot data space) while making it easier for customers to re-rack, thus providing more flexible placement of components in the datacentre”.

The company announced, too, the expansion of its managed cloud service to Europe in the second half of 2016. This will provide data warehousing, analytics and Hadoop capabilities on a subscription basis.

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It also stated the immediate availability of Teradata Database on Amazon Web Services – the first of “multiple public cloud platform options to be available in the months ahead”.

“This is not a watered down version of the database, this is the full Teradata 15.10, optimised to run as well as possible on the AWS hardware stack,” said Ratzesberger. “Amazon told us this is the largest enterprise software deployment in all of Amazon’s history.”

Teradata is also setting up an internet of things (IoT)  analytics unit inside the labs that Ratzesberger heads. This will be staffed in the US, UK and India, and will consist of what the supplier calls a “special-ops team of data scientists, data engineers and software designers”.

“The smartest people at Teradata are laser-focused on building the best technologies to power the analytics of things,” said Ratzesberger. ........................

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