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Cern uses AppDynamics to improve application performance

The home of the Large Hadron Collider has deployed AppDynamics’ APM tool to improve the speed and efficiency of application monitoring

Particle accelerator facility Cern has deployed AppDynamics’ Application Intelligence Platform to monitor the performance of business applications used by a global network of 15,000 scientists and employees.

The platform will be used to provide visibility across a complex structure of web applications and servers.

It will be used for real-time, end-to-end performance management to ensure consistent availability of critical applications that power administrative functions.

These include electronic document handling, employee training and public outreach, as well as managing interventions on vital machinery, such as the centre’s particle accelerator and detectors, used in its research.

Cern needed an application performance management (APM) tool that could be deployed quickly and would encourage collaboration and innovation by giving developers immediate insight into any emerging software issues that could hamper the pace of its research work.

After initial success using AppDynamics solutions for database monitoring, Cern’s Administrative Information Systems (AIS) group decided to deploy AppDynamics to monitor and analyse the performance of its critical business applications.

“In a fast-paced industry where information-sharing is everything, digital performance is vital to our work, and our team relies on all our machines and digital services working smoothly,” said Benjamin Wolff, software engineer at Cern.

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AppDynamics offered the organisation a way to troubleshoot quickly, said Wolff. “AppDynamics gives us monitoring, troubleshooting and analytics all in one platform, so we can identify problems at remarkable speed, act on them sooner, and see more granular detail on how our applications are running,” he said.

AppDynamics is one of a number of companies that provide APM software. APM is among the tools IT departments need to improve digital engagement with customers, but analyst company Forrester reported recently that many tools fall short by not linking different metrics adequately.

In particular, the application’s performance and how the customer perceives that performance are inter-related, but tools rarely analyse the customer side, Forrester said.

Its report, Take application performance to the next level with digital performance management, referenced a recent analytics survey which found that 43% of firms believe that correlating multiple digital data dimensions is most beneficial to their business, yet companies do not consider performance metrics data for analysis alongside other digital data, such as visitor path and conversion.

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