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Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust goes for Servelec RiO EPR

Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust has finally chosen an electronic patient record system – 18 months after first going out to tender

Shropshire Community Health NHS Trust has awarded a contract to Servelec for its RiO electronic patient record system (EPR).

Looking for an EPR that supports mobile working and can easily integrate with its other systems, the trust first went out to tender for an EPR in July 2013. At the time it hoped to award a contract by May 2014 with implementation completed in March this year, but it subsequently revised the timeline for the project.

According to the trust’s board papers from November last year, the programme has been subject to further delays, partly caused by the Trust Development Authority taking longer than planned to approve the business case for the EPR.

“This causes a further delay in the project timeline, the main impact of which will be further condensing of the project deployment phase,” the board papers say.

The delays meant that Shropshire was not able to sign the contract with Servelec for its RiO EPR until earlier this year.

The trust wanted a system that was “capable of exchanging patient data with social care, GP and systems belonging to other healthcare organisations”, the tender said.  

“The solution must provide information to clinicians and other staff, and potentially offer online access for patients to view (and possibly append to) their clinical record.”

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By 2020, all patient and care records will be digital, real-time and interoperable, with clinicians in primary, urgent and emergency care accessing paperless records by 2018, as mandated by NHS England in the Personalised Health and Care 2020 framework published in 2014.

Shropshire currently uses a mix of patient administration systems as it was formed from a merger of the provider arms of two primary care trusts, and inherited the different systems. 

The RiO EPR is widely used in the NHS, especially in community settings.

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