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Veeam to add virtualised storage as backup target

Veeam's Unlimited Scale-out Backup Repository feature in version 9 of its Availability Suite will allow customers to create virtual storage nodes from heterogenous media as targets for backup data

Veeam has announced it will include Unlimited Scale-out Backup Repository – effectively a virtual backup target that pools physical storage behind it – in version 9 of its Availability Suite (which incorporates Backup & Replication) before the end of 2015.

The introduction of this feature will allow Veeam customers to create a virtual pool of storage that forms a target to which backup data can be copied.

Key advantages are that it will allow better utilisation of storage capacity and enable smoother addition of capacity to cope with data growth.

Currently, Veeam users must configure backups to target specific physical media. Common practice is to over-provision for future use. Also, as backups are tied to specific media, any additions or changes to storage have to be reflected in Veeam settings.

Unlimited Scale-out Backup Repository should remove the need for any of this by allowing administrators to provision backups to a virtual node instead of a physical repository, which gives the ability to configure what is required and to add more storage to an existing pool as needed. This is something like thin provisioning in storage arrays.

Customers will be able to provision storage in the common pool by locality or by performance profile. The first of these will see data from sets of virtual machines located together in the same repository until that fills.

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Backups will also be able to be sent to specific repositories based on write performance requirements, with users able to specify “incremental” for faster media and “full” for slower media – flash drives and spinning disk, for example.

The feature will allow any collection of disk-based storage – SSD, HDD, JBOD or data deduplication hardware, for example – to be used as the target Scale Out Backup Repository.

Veeam product strategy director Doug Hazelman said the feature was designed to maximise customer investment in storage.

Customers have to plan the storage they need, but it might run at half empty for some time to plan for future use. This makes it easier to create the backup repository of the size needed and add to it easily,” he said.

Unlimited Scale-out Backup Repository is the latest of Veeam’s version 9 features to be announced in 2015, following snapshot support in EMC VMax arrays, replication to the cloud via Veeam Cloud Connect and direct NFS file access storage backups.

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