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Domino's Pizza orders Hitachi Consulting to advise on DevOps push

Pizza firm hopes agile development and continuous IT delivery will help it stay one step ahead of its competition

Domino’s Pizza has enlisted managed services firm Hitachi Consulting to help its software delivery team adopt a more DevOps-friendly way of working.

With the majority of pizzas the company is responsible for delivering being ordered via its e-commerce platforms, Domino’s said it is keen to pursue a continuous approach to IT delivery to ensure users of its online and mobile apps enjoy a good customer experience.

To achieve this, the organisation plans to work with Hitachi Consulting to automate parts of its software testing processes as it migrates more of its operations to the cloud.

Rod Brooks, head of IT and software delivery at Domino’s, said adopting a more agile approach to software development and testing should help the firm sharpen its competitive edge.

“With our eye constantly on innovation, we are always seeking ways to make our customers’ lives easier. So it’s important to have the capability to become more agile and have the scalability to keep ahead of the competition,” he said.

“Hitachi Consulting provides us with that capability, but – in turn – we’re able to share our experiences as a rapidly growing e-commerce and m-commerce business.”

DevOps is a software development and testing methodology growing in popularity as it allows companies to push out small software updates as frequently as they need to in response to user demand.

This is made possible in many companies by encouraging software developers and operations staff to work in small, collaborative teams.

Jonathan Wright, director of testing quality assurance at Hitachi Consulting, said adopting a DevOps approach to software delivery should help Domino’s ensure the apps and services it rolls out to customers are bug-free and responsive.

“With DevOps, there is a strong focus on continuous testing and constant delivery. This means there is more emphasis on testing much earlier in the system delivery lifecycle,” said Wright.

“Domino’s Pizza has embraced continuous integration and testing to help the software delivery team rapidly build, test, and deliver secure high-quality applications,” he said.

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