Specialist clothing brand Musto deploys Cybertill point of sale system

Luxury sailing brand Musto signs payments company Cybertill to redesign its point of sale (POS) system for its multichannel operation

As consumers become more technology-orientated they also become more fickle, and retailers have been working hard to address modern customer needs.

Musto, a brand providing clothing to sailors, underwent an overhaul of its point of sale (POS) system to address the needs of a multichannel customer, choosing Cybertill’s cloud based electronic POS system to help them with the task.

Different business different needs

Musto began as a manufacturer and wholesaler of sailing clothes, but in 2004 opened a retail store and later grew into an online business as well.

Now with twenty retail stores in the UK, the business is different from its beginnings and, as its retail offering grew, it decided it was time for a POS system upgrade to an electronic point of sale (Epos) system in an attempt to unify its different channels and deliver better customer experience.

“The investment has allowed us to integrate our e-commerce platform with our stores. We now have live sales and product data feeding across the business, which makes decision making more accurate.” explains Frank Potts, IT director at Musto.

By upgrading to an Epos system from Cybertill, the firm integrated its stores with its e-commerce platform, giving a better overview of the product data across the business. 

Live sales data is now available across the different areas of the firm, including head office and front of house, improving decisions across the entire supply chain and increasing efficiency and savings.

“The cloud aspect of Cybertill has been a huge benefit to us, it’s one of those things that’s allowed us to give much better support to the stores so we’re not reliant on installing anything on the tills and we can swap kit out very very quickly.” Potts says.

But one of the main reasons the Cybertill system was a good fit for Musto was its ability to use cloud technology to trade through mobile devices anywhere in the world.

Using Epos in pop-ups

As the Musto brand supports the Volvo Ocean Race, the brand created a collection of commemorative merchandise.

This merchandise was sold in pop-up shops in two-week stints in the eleven ports around the world the racing teams passed along the way.

As the firm’s proposed Epos system by Cybertill is cloud-based it can work anywhere there is an internet connection, and has the ability to work offline and upload data later as and when it is needed.

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“The yachts sail into a port, we set up the week before they arrive, there are lots of activities around the ports with lots of races around the quay lots of business customers coming in and lots of tourists,” explains Potts.

“One of the challenges is the logistics of getting the pop-up store delivered to each of these locations.”

There were two containers carrying the pop-up shops, one set up and the other sent ahead to the next location to ensure it gets there before the yachts arrived.

“There are a number of challenges around things like payments in each country, local tax regulation, duty and importing the goods for two weeks and then exporting them out again and obviously having tills that work in every location and can handle these variations,” Potts says.  

The Cybertill Epos allowed head office to remotely set up the correct stock and prices based on the popup stores' locations, which the temporary stores could then download.

“Cybertill was a perfect fit; as it is cloud-based, it is relatively straightforward to deploy in pop-up stores. Not only can they provide the system, they can back that up with support as well – which is critical in retail,” Potts says.

“The long term plan was always to have a system that would support these pop-up stores.”

The future is anywhere

Musto’s omni-channel initiative has now moved towards "click and collect" to allow customers to order online and pick up from store.

Potts explains that, as IT director, he is always looking at ways that technology can improve the customer experience.

“We have a website that we trade through, we have the stores. They’re not completely integrated yet but that’s one of the projects we’re looking at, and we’re talking to Cybertill about that,” says Potts.

The firm also hopes to have roaming salespeople with tablets to provide mobile point of sale for customers on the shop floor.

“As Cybertill’s cloud-based, we can roll out mobile POS in our shops as well. We are already looking at this as we believe staff can offer customers a better service in-store when they have a tablet in hand.” Potts says.

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