UK female developers on the rise

Stack Overflow Careers report finds more women than men joined developer community in 2014 and UK coders are the best paid in Europe

Despite females only making up 4% of all UK developers, 19% have less than a year’s experience compared with 3.4% of men, which reveals signs of growth in the sector for women, according to a report by Stack Overflow Careers.

More than 26,000 developers from 157 countries were questioned for the study.

The research found women are less concerned about salary than their male counterparts, but place greater emphasis on work/life balance and job title.

Furthermore, UK female developers were less likely to be self-taught and more likely to have participated in an online course or intensive coding training.

UK developers highly paid compared to rest of Europe

The study also revealed that UK developers are paid an average of £45,000, higher than any other country in Europe.

However, the figure was found to be significantly lower than developers in the US who earn an average of $89,631. The dollar equivalent of the UK pay is $68,680.

Overall, 1.5% classed themselves as unemployed. This figure was higher among UK respondents, at 5.5%.

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Over a third (38%) of UK developers said they had changed jobs in the past 12 months. Over half (52.9%) said they would consider leaving their current role if something more interesting came along.

The survey showed 44% of UK developers value the opportunity to work remotely and want to be contacted less by recruiters, which was the highest percentage across all the countries questioned.

“The UK remains a hotbed for developers and the boom in London is sucking up all the available coding talent,” said Joel Spolsky, CEO and co-founder of Stack Exchange, the parent company to Stack Overflow Careers.

“The market for developers is incredibly tight, which in turn drives wage inflation and poses a huge challenge for the tech community as it strives to build on its global potential,” he said.

The report also found a call for more employers to include developers in the recruitment process to ensure the right candidate is hired, with 50.7% in the UK saying companies should introduce candidates to the team.

Worldwide, 37% of developers want to be shown the exact space where they’ll work, according to the study. This figure rose to 42.8% among UK respondents.

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