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Sapphire 2015: SAP reveals internet of things cloud Hana service

SAP unveils cloud version of Hana in-memory database for customers' internet of things (IoT) operations, dubbed the SAP Hana Cloud Platform

SAP has announced a cloud version of its Hana in-memory, columnar database for customers to do internet of things (IoT) operations – dubbed the SAP Hana Cloud Platform – at its Sapphire 2015 conference.

Bernd Leukert (pictured), SAP’s chief technology officer, announced the development in his keynote address. He said S/4 Hana is now available for the 25 industries the supplier serves.

SAP already sells IoT applications, such as its SAP Connected Assets system – the cloud edition of a predictive maintenance service – and the SAP Connected Logistics software.

Steve Lucas, president of platform solutions at SAP said: “SAP is helping customers re-imagine their business with the most comprehensive portfolio of internet of things solutions, from core business operations to the edge of the network. 

"Our customers and partners now have the ability to connect anything to any app or business process in their company and business network. This will achieve operational excellence and deliver new customer experiences, products and services.”

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Siemens and Intel in IoT development

SAP said it will work more closely with Siemens and Intel on IoT development. Leukert spoke of his particular pride in Siemens’ collaboration with SAP.

Siemens serves the manufacturing and process industries and is building a cloud for industry services that uses the SAP Hana cloud platform. Siemens will make its cloud service open for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to build on.

Peter Weckesser, CEO customer service, Digital Factory at Siemens said: “The SAP and Siemens relationship is expected to help enable the internet of things and Industry 4.0 for industrial customers. The introduction of Siemens' Cloud for Industry, powered by SAP Hana, aims to provide a significant contribution towards the digitisation of the production space."

Tennant, a US cleaning company, will use Hana to deliver real-time machine data from its fleet of cleaning equipment and enterprise resource planning (ERP) data from its core business processes.

Paul Wellman, CIO, Tennant said: “Using Hana, our customers can measure usage across their fleet to drive operational consistency, track machines to better manage assets and leverage this business intelligence to achieve significant cost savings.”

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