Something disgusting at the Investigatory Powers Tribunal

Kevin Cahill explains why he has filed a case at the Investigative Powers Tribunal over US intelligence gathering on children.

There is something disgusting about software that is used to prey on children, scooping up and storing their innocent e mails and games activity.

That is what PRISM does. And that is why I have launched a case, number IPT/15/39/CH before the Investigative Powers Tribunal.


The purpose of the case is to obtain orders from the 12 Judges there, bringing the entire PRISM programme in the UK to a halt, and fining those who ran it here. David Cameron, according to a letter from William Hague to the Unionist peer Lord Laird of Artigarvan, has known about PRISM since June 2013.


Cameron is the constitutional head of the Intelligence structure. About PRISM he has done nothing. It's another cover up, just like Hillsborough and the high level paedophile scandal. The Prime Minister's spokesperson said that officials do not comment on intelligence matters.

Yes, PRISM is partly about intelligence; the intrusion into the UK of a foreign intelligence service, the National Security Agency of the US. But above all it is a criminal operation.


Based on the advice given to the Prime Minister in April last year, by Sir Anthony May QC, the Interception Commissioner, PRISM is both criminal and unlawful. It breaches the Regulation of Interception of Communication Act and the Human Rights Act, Art 8, the right to private and family life.


The Government has a constitutional obligation to warn the country about widespread criminality, especially when it affects children, as PRISM does.


Here's how.


When PRISM was rolled out across the world and the UK, starting in 2007, the NSA did it by ordering 9 of the internet giants Apple, Microsoft (including Hotmail) Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Youtube, Pal Talk, AOL and Skype, to intercept and obtain their clients  "E mail, chat, video and voice, videos, photos, stored data,VoIP, file transfers, video conferencing, notification of target activity, logins etc, Online social networking details, special requests."


The spook agency imposed the orders on the 9 companies under an American law called the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. This act purports to give the US government the legal right to order the 9 companies to commit crimes in foreign countries, including the UK. It doesn't . In the UK only UK law is valid. The laws of the United States have no application here, least of all in attempting to make criminal acts lawful.


Apart from forgetting this first principle of law, the NSA, and apparently the PRISM companies too, forgot to place any lower age limits on their illegal interception and data theft. Why ? The Tribunal has been told, using American documents, that the purpose of the mass surveillance is to gather data on UK citizens so that they can be databased, profiled and manipulated.


Studies by the London School of Economics have shown that 84% of all UK children under 17, use the Internet. At least 50% of them, about 2.5 million children, use the services of the 9 PRISM corporations. Once the childrens data is gone, it is gone to the NSA databases for ever. The children have no right to deletion, correction or redress. 

The Prime Minister has known about this digital paedophilia for almost two years. And done nothing. Let's hope the IPT does a little better. 


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