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Nationwide automates web and mobile testing with TestPlant

Nationwide has deployed TestPlant as its testing platform for the development of mobile and web browser applications

Nationwide has deployed TestPlant as its testing platform for the development of mobile and web browser applications.

The test automation tool suite uses image recognition technology to enable software developers to test applications based on user interaction.

TestPlant is being used to support the building society’s digital transformation strategy to connect staff to customers, anywhere and at any time.

Nationwide has deployed eggPlant Functional and eggPlant for Mobile. It also plans to deploy eggCloud to centralise access to mobile devices for testing, as well as eggMan and eggBox to support manual testers and help speed deployment of eggPlant.

"The rapid growth in digitalisation of our services needs to be supported by testing systems that will ensure the quality of our services and applications," said Andrew Young, head of testing services at Nationwide.

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One of the key drivers behind Nationwide’s implementation of the TestPlant tool has been to improve the automation of software testing. Young said Nationwide has been developing multiple automation scripts using eggPlant.

"Deploying eggPlant has allowed the testing services team at Nationwide to deal with significantly increased demand in the level of cross-browser and mobile device testing required to support the evolving needs of our business. The ability to deploy new devices quickly on our networks, aligned to the automation possible through this tool, has helped us continue to improve our speed to market," he said.

Young said Nationwide has used eggCloud to increase control and improve device management in the testing services team. "We will be able to optimise the number of devices we have ensuring we can deliver the appropriate operating system levels and configurations as required," he said.

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