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Every woman in tech is role model, says Salesforce

IT sector needs to bridge gap between ordinary women and “super women” as all females in IT are role models, says Eileen O’Mara of Salesforce

The tech sector needs to highlight the females doing the everyday jobs in addition to the “super women”, according to senior area vice-president for Europe, Eileen O’Mara.

After many years of campaigning, the IT sector continues to see a decline in the number of women working in such roles, and O’Mara recently took time out of her schedule to share her views on attracting more females into the industry.

She pointed out that showcasing the most influential and successful women in technology is important, however many females may feel a disconnect with such “super women”.

“The movement needs to happen among those that are working on the ground,” O'Mara told Computer Weekly. "We need to bridge the gap between the ordinary women and so called ‘super women’, who are currently the only female role models in the tech sector."

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She added that more women should step forward and refer to themselves as role models, but that unfortunately there are a lack of women who realise that they are.

O'Mara also said she believes every woman in the IT sector should consider re-visiting their school or taking part in a local initiative, in a bid to spread the message to young girls that technology is a viable career choice.

“Every woman can be a role model for working in the tech sector. Initiatives for women in tech are great but we need to connect that back into the communities, so going into schools for example,” she said.

O’Mara added that she tries to include technology in her home life as much as possible, so her children are comfortable with the use of technology and proficient in digital skills: “We need to focus on bringing more tech into the home. The whole world is digitalised – you either go with it or drop out.”

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