EMC launches “data lake” appliance

EMC launches appliance to help customers build “data lakes”, melding tech from Information Infrastructure, Pivotal and VMware

EMC has launched an appliance to help its customers build “data lakes”, melding, it says, technology from EMC Information Infrastructure, Pivotal and VMware.

Sean Horne, UK chief technology officer and senior director for enterprise and mid-range storage at the supplier, said: “Our customers get the big data story about mixing together different sources of data to extrapolate future trends, and so on, but they struggle to monetise. ‘How do I make money from data?’ is their big question.”

Horne said the EMC appliance offers CIOs speed of deployment. “CIOs don’t want to turn their IT departments into systems integrators. They want their IT shops to deliver value back to the business, using a service [like EMC’s], built into an appliance, pre-configured for their own organisation. Building your own is an expensive science project,” he added.

“If they see one more presentation about the big data from sensors on jet engines, they’ll jump off a cliff.”

EMC’s Federation Business Data Lake combines data from different sources in a standard format, he said. It enables organisations to deploy Hadoop and real-time analytics capabilities in as little as seven days, claimed the supplier.

Horne confirmed 16-20 customers are piloting the appliance-based service globally, in oil and gas, retail, banking and online trading.

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He also said the EMC understanding of the data lake concept involves data warehousing.

The supplier described Federation Business Data Lake as a fully engineered solution that can be rapidly and automatically provisioned, enabling IT organisations to lead the needs of the business. The analytics layer is completely virtualised, with VMware running on Vblocks with pre-defined analytics use cases and automated provisioning and configuration. EMC Isilon provides the data lake storage foundation.

The analytics layer comprises the Pivotal Big Data Suite, including PivotalHD, featuring SQL-on-Hadoop engine, HAWQ.

Horne said the service is Hadoop distribution agnostic, including Cloudera and Hortonworks, along with any future Open Data Platform-based Hadoop distribution.

EMC customer Dan Cutler, director of technical operations at Adobe Digital Marketing, said: “A solution like the Federation Business Data Lake to help organisations realise new technical solutions for big data management and storage is essential to businesses that are constantly looking for new revenue streams or cost-saving opportunities to stay relevant in the market. Big data solutions have enabled us to expand our offerings to include Hadoop as a service.”

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