CGI to assess digital learning for Ministry of Defence

MoD signs outsourcing agreement with CGI as part of a programme to increase digital-based learning

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) has signed an outsourcing agreement with CGI as part of a programme to transform training and education at technical colleges and increase the amount of digital-based learning.

CGI will provide Training Needs Analysis (TNA) at the Defence College of Technical Training in the four-month assessment.

The project will include recommendations to improve the training of personnel who operate radio networks and telecommunications networks, known as British Army signallers.

The MoD wants to understand where a more digitally focused learning strategy would fit and how a mixture of e-learning classrooms would benefit the organisation. The pilot project will create a model which might then be expanded to other military technical training schools.

British Army colonel Garry Hearn said the traditional approach to training is based on classroom teaching. 

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“We have commissioned CGI to assess the areas of training that can be more effectively delivered via digital channels or blended with our existing approach to provide an improved learning experience. This is a very important step in supporting our efforts to drive digital transformation across the Ministry of Defence and provide world class training to our armed forces,” he said.

CGI has provided a managed training service to Defence Academy College of Management and Technology for 15 years. It also provides a security vetting system to the MoD. The Oracle-based system is being expanded across most government departments through the National Security Vetting Solution.

CGI, which is a Canadian IT and business process outsourcing company, acquired Anglo-Dutch Logica for £1.7bn in 2012. CGI has a decentralised approach to global spread where it gives a high level of autonomy to regional businesses but implements a management framework on its operations to ensure a standardised approach to staff, customers and shareholders.

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