Mobile World Congress: Huawei proposes green network methodology

Huawei proposes a new methodology to maximise the energy efficiency of 3G and 4G networks

On the closing day of Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, Huawei has set out plans for a new methodology designed to improve the energy efficiency of mobile broadband networks.

Huawei said its new Maximising Network Energy Efficiency proposal would help mobile network operator (MNO) customers make their 3G and 4G mobile networks more environmentally friendly, and improve their operating profit margins.

An explosion in data from the growth in mobile broadband services has put more pressure on MNOs to control their carbon emissions, something Huawei said it was keen to address.

The Chinese networking supplier believes the long-term future of the IT industry lies in reducing carbon emissions through steps such as decreasing the number of building sites, network operations and so on.

Huawei said it’s three-step plan of network efficiency assessment, improvement and management would help MNOs construct their own green broadband networks.

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Huawei’s efficiency methodology will look at the optimisation of energy consumption and utilisation across form equipment, site and network levels.

The assessment process will enable customers to analyse the energy utilisation ratio in their networks and identify gaps compared to industry-wide benchmarks.

Following this, customers will be able to choose from a number of Huawei’s telecoms energy systems to help improve the energy efficiency of their networks.

The firm already provides a number of high-efficiency systems, including modernising legacy machine rooms to overseeing the construction of whole new sites with green networking built in from the ground up.

It also builds network management systems that include energy management functions, giving users deeper insight into network performance indicators that can help them make tweaks to eke out further savings.

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